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What is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING?  This is a question that I am asked quite, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate an entire page to the subject :)  In essence, digital scrapbooking is the same thing as paper scrapbooking...only you create your layouts on your computer using digital scrapbooking products!  Is one better than the other?  No...well, at least not in my opinion - LOL!  They are just different forms of the same thing in the end :)  We scrapbook to have records of our memories, families and life...and you will get that with either!  One common misconception with digital scrapping is that not only do we CREATE our layouts on the computer...but we KEEP them there as well :)  NOOOO - LOL!  Well...we do keep them on our hard drives...BUT - most of us also print (or have printed) our layouts and put them into scrapbooking albums just like a paper scrapper would!

Advantages of scrapping digitally?  YES - here are just a few - LOL :)  The ability to EDIT your pages...ya know - you can go back and change them later...correct typos and all of that fun stuff! can EASILY have MULTIPLE copies of your albums (how great is that?)!  So, say you want to share an album with the grandparents...AND have one for all of your children, etc...there is no extra work involved!  Simply have multiple copies printed :)  Created gifts is so quick and easy...just grab a piece-a-cake album...add your photos, print and VOILA - you are done and ready to gift :)

If you are still on the's the GOOD NEWS...there is NO reason to have to choose between paper and digi!  Why not do BOTH?  I do :)  I love to create hybrid projects and while MOST of MY layouts are digital...I enjoy creating hand-made cards and altered items using both digi and paper supplies!  Hybrid scrapbooking really is the best of both worlds!

Also - there are MANY paper scrapbookers (who do not scrap digitally AT ALL) who use digital scrapbooking products to create their PAPER layouts!  They simply purchase the kits and print the papers/embellishments and use those items just like they would use items purchased from a local scrapbook store!

So - no matter which medium you choose...or how you go about finishing your albums...know the options and HAVE FUN being the memory keeper in your family!!!!!  You and your pages will be treasured :)

And, here is a quick example of a layout created TWO ways :)  The page on the left was scrapped using papers printed from a digital kit.  I printed the papers and then finished the page with glue, scissors, trimmer, sewing, inking, etc. :)  The page on the right is created 100% in Adobe Photoshop!  So fun!

And finally - here are some great resources for you!  Just links to online photo well as local labs and home printer brands!  WHCC and Mpix are wonderful online photo labs with professional printing results (highly recommend both)!  Many LOVE to have their layouts printed at CostCo, too!  Epson, HP and Canon make great printers...even wide format if you want to print your 12x12 pages at home!  Office Depot, FedEx Kinko's and CopyClub also offer printing well as binding (great for calendars and other hybrid projects!).  And, we all know scrapbooking is soooooo much about the photos...and B&H Photo is a WONDERFUL source for all things camera related!  I hope these links help you in your digi journey :)







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